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Friday, 07 April 2006 20:00
During my years of traveling with Delta Air Lines, I have had many reasons to complain about the quality of service I received. Virtually every time I commented to a Delta Air Lines employee regarding a bad experience, they suggested I write a letter to Delta's Consumer Affairs department. I quickly decided that writing complaint letters every time I had a problem with the service provided by Delta would turn into quite a task. Instead I decided to create this Web site so that everyone could read about my experiences with Delta Air Lines. The forum permits others to post their personal comments and views.

Many people ask me why I just don't fly another airline. Those of us living in the Atlanta area, and traveling the southeast frequently, know the answer to that one: Delta rules this market. In 1994 I made a substantial commitment to Delta Air Lines by choosing to fly with them on virtually every trip involving air travel. As any paying customer would, I expect to be treated fairly and with at least a minimal amount of respect. I do not appreciate being lied to or taken advantage of. When things go wrong and I am substantially delayed or inconvenienced, I expect some sort of compensation from Delta. Yet I rarely receive any. In more than half of the few cases where compensation in one form or another was given, I felt as if I had to beg for what I got. Perhaps if Delta continues to treat me and my fellow travelers so poorly, they will experience the loss of my business. One passenger, in my experience, cannot make a difference with Delta, but many will.

By posting this information, I am not suggesting that you take, or not take, any specific action against any entity identified on this site. Instead, please view this site as being for educational or informational purposes only. An educated or informed traveler might be better prepared when dealing with the inevitable problems that arise when dealing with Delta Air Lines. If you decide to give your business to another airline, I thank you. Increased competition in the Atlanta market would be good for all of us. Check back from time to time to see if the service at Delta seems to be improving, or if you would be better served spending your travel dollars elsewhere. Maybe AirTran is a great place to start.

You may refer to other sections of this Web site for possible additional information and clarification as to why I created DELTAreallySUCKS.COM.

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