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Monday, 12 November 2007 05:53
Couldn't Care Less About Proper Customer Service

My recognition of Janet Miller as a Delta LOSER generated more e-mail than any previous "winner" of my Delta Loser award, and most of it was negative. She apparently has a lot of friends. Or could it be that they are used to protecting her when she treats customers poorly?

The issue that led to her being named a Delta LOSER started long before I spoke with Janet. In reality, any of the others that attempted to help me prior to Janet's involvement could have been named a Delta LOSER. Since Janet was the most senior person I talked to, and had the power to do something (but didn't), she WINS!

I purchased a ticket to travel form Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Orange County, CA (SNA). Since the plans were relatively firm I was able to include a Saturday night stay to reduce the airfare from ridiculous to tolerable. Unfortunately, a change in the scheduled activities necessitated a change to my flight. Nothing unusual there as my line of work requires that I frequently change my travel plans.

The original ticket I purchased had a value of approximately $385. Due to the new itinerary not including a Saturday night stay, I knew that Delta (like most other air lines) was going to stick me with a huge increase in the price of the ticket. I was not surprised to learn that the price of the new ticket was going to be over $1800. Since I had a couple of fully refundable electronic tickets (AND seeing that it was a weekend AND that I was on vacation), I decided to use those along with the original ticket to pay for the new ticket. What a mistake!

Due to the apparently antiquated computer system used by Delta and/or the incompetent personnel that masquerade as reservations agents, this process was not as straight-forward as one would hope. The young lady trying to change the ticket apparently had no idea how to make it happen. After about forty-five minutes (:45) talking with her, being put on hold, etc., I asked to speak with a coordinator. Enter Janet Miller.

Janet apologized that the ticket reissue was taking so long. She took my cell phone number so I didn't have to remain on hold any longer while this was resolved. She called me some time later to tell me that everything had been completed. While discussing the amount of credit remaining I noticed that it appeared to be different that the amount I calculated. She explained that this was due to the changing of the non-refundable ticket. I would expect this if I changed the travel date(s) and wanted to stay on the cheaper ticket, but not when changing to such an expensive ticket. It gets better.

It turns out that my new ticket did NOT have a fare basis of Y06 as the reservation agent told me, rather the new ticket has a fare basis of B06. That means that it is not QUITE a full-fare ticket. A B06 fare is discounted SLIGHTLY (and I do mean SLIGHTLY) from the full Y fare. Either way it is a LOT of money.

Janet did not feel I had been inconvenienced enough to warrant the waiving of the $75.00 change fee. I did not really expect her to waive the fee simply because of the increased fare. After all I have enough experience dealing with Delta to know that revenue is a top priority for them. Revenue at any cost, it seems. After reminding her about the huge fare increase for the new ticket, I reminded her that I had spent about an hour (1:00) on my cellular phone dealing with this. None of this seemed to matter to her. Outstanding attempt at taking care of one of Delta's better customers? Not in my book. Therefore she became the latest Delta employee I felt warranted the title of DELTA LOSER.

Janet had the perfect opportunity to do what I consider the right thing without costing Delta a penny. Some Delta folks sent me some harshly-worded e-mails after I named Janet Miller as a Delta Loser. They indicated she was only following Delta policy and could not have waived the fee anyway. If that is true, I think that type of policy truly indicates DELTA REALLY SUCKS. I firmly believe she had the ability to waive the fee, but would not. So I say YOU ARE A LOSER, JANET!
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