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Hang on! The new site will be here very soon!

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Important: The discussion forums have been taken offline as of Jul 19, 2013, as the contents are transitioned to the new site and format. The site redesign is on schedule, and is expected to be completely finished and online no later than July 31, 2013. Thanks for your patience!

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Whether you are new to the site, or a longtime visitor: WELCOME! The following tips will likely improve your experience, or are at least good to know:
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  • All "official" Polls are now part of the main site and have been removed from the Message Forum. Polls can still be posted in the Message Forum by registered users.


Which major U.S. airline do you think SUCKS more?
What is your opinion of airport security now?
How would you classify the demeanor of the Delta employee you most recently interacted with?

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